Open-air thrills

When passion meets freedom the outcome is inevitably unique: as the brand’s first convertible to seat four in comfort, the Maserati GranCabrio is the start of a major new chapter in its history. Inspired by the example of the GranTurismo, a perfect blend of modernity, sensuality and passion, the car’s profile is dynamic yet elegant.


Dynamic, elegant forms for an exclusive, versatile four-seater convertible

When passion meets freedom the outcome is inevitably unique: as the brand’s first convertible to seat four in comfort, the Maserati GranCabrio is the start of a major new chapter in its history. Inspired by the example of the GranTurismo, a perfect blend of modernity, sensuality and passion, the car’s profile is dynamic yet elegant.

A convertible is only a real Maserati if it has a fabric soft-top

 The most distinctive feature of the exterior is the fabric soft-top: a highly sophisticated stylistic and technological choice which ensures that the Maserati convertible is firmly in keeping with tradition. Thanks to the carefully selected materials, the soft-top and its operating system make no significant difference to the weight of the car despite the large sizes needed to cover such a roomy interior.

Not a coupé but a convertible

With the top on, the non-existent rear upright is recreated by the elegant forward-sloping design of the soft-top, which gives the GranCabrio the look of a splendid coupé. Keeping on towards the rear of the car, the triangular light assemblies comprising 96 LED lights and the large aerodynamic diffuser further underline its dynamic spirit, also conveyed by the 20” rims that recall the Maserati logo.

Change your point of view

Once the top is down, the Maserati GranCabrio is transformed into a stunning convertible, a paragon of feline power and grace: the dynamism of the side view is accentuated by the short overhangs and the long engine hood with the familiar “V” ridge, reaching forward to the radiator grille. It is a spectacular line, created thanks also to in-depth aerodynamic research to limit the turbulence typically associated with convertibles.

A masterpiece of style supplemented with chrome-plated trims

In the standard Chrome Line version, the side features a number of chrome-plated details that make the exterior more luminous. First and foremost, the exquisite unbroken line that defines the edge of the interior and incorporates the third brake light at the rear seems to delight in framing this stylistic masterpiece. There is also chrome on the door handles and radiator grille. 


A unique interior, ideal for sharing the thrill of open-top motoring

The Maserati GranCabrio’s unique spirit is also visible in the interior: those privileged to enter this fine car, whether as driver or passenger, enjoy an exclusive mix of elegance, craftsmanship, racing style and comfort. The interior is far larger than the category average, and offers outstanding comfort for four adults in an elegant, luxurious atmosphere.

The dashboard features an ornamental “V” motif, a clear Maserati identifier

 The interior is divided longitudinally by the central tunnel which distributes the available space between the occupants. The horizontal band of the dashboard features an ornamental “V” motif. The controls are all close to hand making the driver feel he is in complete control: the dynamic functions are controlled by the driving side buttons, with steering-wheel buttons for the key multimedia commands.

Materials good to look at and touch, for a personal, intimate environment

The tradition and handmade care that give form and substance to the GranCabrio’s look and contents are crucial to the production of its interiors, good to both look at and touch thanks to the use of exquisite materials. The leather upholstery is handmade by Poltrona Frau®, while there is a choice of various types of fine wood for the decorative features of the dashboard and the door/rear side panels.

Driving a convertible is a style statement, so details count

 In the middle of the dashboard, the 7” screen of the Maserati Multimedia System is placed high up for better visibility. The attention to detail is also obvious in many other features: the thin chrome-plated ring around the dashboard and steering-wheel buttons, the Trident logo hand-embossed on the seat headrests, or the Alcantara® finish on the rear of the gear shift paddles, and the exquisite contrast stitching on the front and rear armrests.

The climate control system delivers maximum comfort with the top up or down

The climate control system has been fine tuned to offer maximum environmental comfort whether the top is up or down; the system recognises how the car is being used and automatically reprograms its air output to maintain the temperature settings. The on-board comfort level is also increased by the canvas soft-top, in three layers for excellent soundproofing. 


The soul of the GranCabrio is powered by a sophisticated 4.7 litre, 450 HP V8

The engine of the Maserati GranCabrio is a 90 degree V8 of 4,691 cm3, which can generate 450 HP at 7,000 rpm, and a maximum torque of 510 Nm at 4,750 rpm. This unit uses the same technologies as all Maserati engines to deliver high specific power, smooth response and low running noise.

Quick, smooth gear shifts

The six-speed ZF automatic gearbox with hydraulic torque converter provides extremely smooth gear shifts, improving the ride without detracting from the sporty power of the V8 engine. There are four operating modes: Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Auto ICE and Manual. In Manual mode, the gears are selected directly by the driver in sequence using the gear lever or the steering-wheel paddles.

The rigidity of the chassis is outstanding, especially given the car’s size, and its wheelbase in particular

Federico Landini, Maserati engineer

In contact with the elements

The GranCabrio has well balanced weight distribution, with a slightly greater load over the rear axle: 49% at the front and 51% at the rear with the top up; 48% at the front and 52% at the rear with it down. This setting - obtained by moving the engine behind the front axle - maximises traction and is reflected in trustworthy, predictable handling, making the car easier to drive and improving its stability.

With the Skyhook system, the car’s setup adapts to driving style

The car is equipped as standard with aluminium gas dampers with the Skyhook electronic system for automatic, continuous control of damper response: this solution instantly adapts the car’s setup to the driving style and road conditions, for the greatest possible comfort. In Sport mode, the suspension has a more rigid setting to reduce roll angles.

The MSP electronic system monitors the car’s stability at every moment

The car’s already excellent handling is monitored by the Maserati Stability Program electronic stability control system, which corrects any hint of side-skidding by reducing the engine torque. Incorporating the ABS and EBD, the system also prevents wheel lock during braking and, last but not least, stops both wheel spin during acceleration and locking of the drive wheels during down-shifts on low-grip road surfaces. 


A personalization program like no other for a tailor-made car

Maserati cars have a personalization program like no other to enable every customer to tailor their car as they see fit. A level of exclusiveness that is a source of pride for a small firm, capable of dedicating painstaking care and attention to every single car produced, guaranteeing its customers a greater variety of options than its competitors.


Original colour combinations

 The GranCabrio can be personalized even further with the use of a fabric soft-top, available in six colours, and the introduction of two new colour options for the Poltrona Frau® leather. The Pearl Beige and Blu Profondità shades, available as part of the Maserati product range for the first time, have been developed to provide elegant, attractive combinations with the exterior colours and soft-top.

The exterior chrome-plating can be replaced with the Shadow Line trim

The optional Shadow Line trim gives the GranCabrio’s exterior a more aggressive look, with a number of items in black instead of chrome-plating. These include the radiator grille fillets, the three signature air vents behind the front wheel, the exhaust tailpipes and the line that runs around the interior, while the front light assemblies receive a striking matt black finish. 

Choice wood in the purest Italian automotive tradition

The mouldings of the dashboard, door panels and rear side panels are available in the new colours Dark Chrome, which combines anthracite grey with warm tones, or EcoChrome, a colour which evokes the glow of molten metal. As optionals, the customer can choose from two lacquered colours, Blu Laque or Black Piano, or four luxury woods: Rosewood, Burr Walnut, Polished Wengé or Padouk.

The carpet rims and the brake calipers: details that make all the difference

On a car like this it is the details, however small, that make the difference. So even the carpets can be customised by choosing the colour of the rims from a selection of no less than seven shades: black, blue, bordeaux, grey, brown, red and sand. And when it comes to mechanical components, there are two colours available for the three types of wheel (Silver or Grigio Mercury) and eight brake caliper shades.

Tech Specs

Length 4,881 mm
Width (excluding wing mirrors) 1,915 mm
Width (including wing mirrors) 2,056 mm
Height 1,353 mm
Wheelbase 2,942 mm
Front track 1,586 mm
Rear track 1,590 mm
Front overhang 873 mm
Rear overhang 1,066 mm
Turning circle 12.3 m
Boot capacity 173 l
Fuel tank capacity 75 l
Dry weight 1,887 kg
Curb weight 1,980 kg
Curb weight + driver 2,055 kg
Full load weight 2,280 kg
Maximum weight technically permitted 2,350 kg
Weight distribution 49% front; 51% rear (closed)
48% front; 52% rear (open)
Displacement 4,691 cc
Bore 94 mm
Stroke 84.5 mm
Compression ratio 11251
Maximum power output 331 kw (450 hp)
Engine speed at maximum power 7,000 rpm
Maximum torque 510 Nm (50 kgm)
Engine speed at maximum torque 4,750 rpm
Max engine speed 7,200 rpm
Top speed 285 km/h
0-100 km/h acceleration 5,2 s
0-400 m acceleration 13.9 s
0-1,000 m acceleration 24.8 s
Urban 22,5 (l/100 km)
Extra urban 9,8 (l/100 km)
Combined 14.5 (l/100 km)
CO2 emissions (combined cycle) 337 (g/km)

Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colors, designs and technical features at any time and without forewarning. Contact your authorized Maserati dealer for further details.