Innovative yet true to tradition

The Maserati GranTurismo succeeds in combining unrivalled class and elegance with uncompromising sports performance like no other four-seater car. The external lines exude dynamic tension and sporting prowess from every vantage point: starting from the large oval mouth that surrounds the radiator grille, the bodywork seems to hug the car’s mechanical structure all the way to the rear, like a tight dress over curvaceous hips.


A powerful, elegant body, moulded onto the mechanics with majestic expertise

The Maserati GranTurismo succeeds in combining unrivalled class and elegance with uncompromising sports performance like no other four-seater car. The external lines exude dynamic tension and sporting prowess from every vantage point: starting from the large oval mouth that surrounds the radiator grille, the bodywork seems to hug the car’s mechanical structure all the way to the rear, like a tight dress over curvaceous hips.


Sporty character combined with space, thanks to the expertise of Pininfarina

Pininfarina has styled the most elegant and sensual of outer garments around the underlying concept of the GranTurismo: sports car character with space, for everyone on board. Inspired by the Maserati Birdcage 75th concept car, the exterior appears muscular, with a natural fluidity that starts at the front grille and extends all the way along the sides to the tail lights.

The front features a long engine hood that culminates in the oval grille

The GranTurismo's powerful, dynamic front end culminates in the oval radiator grille and new horizontal headlights: with LED day lights, they blend perfectly into the fenders. The long bonnet, with its classic “V” shape, has three air intakes on each side in classic Maserati style, which lighten the nose section and create an overall image of dynamism and verve.

Since that first GranTurismo, Maserati cars have stood out for their unmistakable lines and sumptuous interiors, capable of combining futuristic designs with an unexpectedly practical side.

New, more pronounced miniskirts convey air flows toward the rear axle

The new, more pronounced yet discreetly styled miniskirts add to the dynamism of the side of the car and convey aerodynamic flows towards the rear axle. This stunning design, in which careful attention is paid to the smallest of details, is the outcome of lengthy, meticulous analysis in the wind tunnel, a key phase in the car’s development.

Sporty character and high-tech soul enhanced by all-LED rear lights

Moving towards the back of the car, the rear pillar carries the oval Maserati logo known as the “Saetta”, while its sporty temperament and high-tech soul are enhanced by the aerodynamic diffuser that opens out in the bottom of the bumper and the modern, triangular rear light assembly comprising 96 LED lights, which provide brighter light than conventional light bulbs, last longer and use less electricity. 


Amazing space and comfort for both driver and passengers

The interior combines attractive design and exquisite materials with the luxury that only space and light can provide. A compartment designed to make the GranTurismo both a high-performance sports car and one that can stir up strong emotions in both the driver and passengers. The dominant stylistic theme is echoed in the interior with a V-shaped decorative feature running across the dashboard.

The finest Poltrona Frau leather used to cover the sporty seats

The choice leather upholstery is handmade by Poltrona Frau®, the result of months of painstaking development work. The sporty front seats are generous in size and can be adjusted electronically; the easy entry system enables them to be moved fully forward to offer convenient access to the two single seats in the spacious, luxurious rear, a relaxing place to enjoy a journey. 

The thrill of driving is enhanced by the controls at your fingertips

 Sitting in the driving seat, one immediately notices the new three-spoke sports steering wheel with profiled grip: leather-covered, practical and ergonomic, it is equipped with controls designed to increase the safety of the drive by interacting with the car. The main multimedia functions can be controlled through the buttons on the steering wheel, and displayed on the 7” Maserati Multimedia System screen located in the centre of the dashboard.

Exquisite crafted details that are visually and aesthetically pleasing

The interior is rich in craftsmanship and great care has gone into the details to create an ambience which cannot fail to impress. Exquisitely refined finishes such as the slender chrome-plated rings that decorate the dashboard and steering wheel buttons, or the sinuous contrast stitching on the seats. The Maserati Trident logo is hand-embossed on the headrests, while the rears of the gear-shift paddies are clad with soft Alcantara®.

State-of-the-art audio and climate control systems set new standards

The quality of life in the car also depends on climate comfort and clarity of sound: the automatic dual-zone climate control adjusts the ventilation level to the outdoor temperature and allows those on board to select diversified heat settings, while the optional Bose Surround Sound® audio system offers a sound quality comparable to the best concert halls.


Passion powered by brute force: that of the 4.2 litre Maserati V8

The beating heart of the Maserati GranTurismo is its 4.2 litre V8 engine: the progenitor of a new generation of engines, it incorporates technical features that ensure power and speed, typical of the racing engines from which Maserati has always drawn its inspiration. Emitting a deep growl at low rpm, the engine’s roar is fearsome as it comes to a crescendo and sends a genuine shiver down the spine at the highest revs. 

Ultra-responsive gearbox that makes full use of all the engine’s power

The Maserati GranTurismo’s hydraulic transmission makes full use of all of the engine’s power: the auto-adaptive automatic gearbox delivers top performance at low and medium engine speeds without restricting power at high rpm and allows gear shifts to be postponed to up to 7.100 rpm, higher revs than almost any other automatic transmission in the world. There are four operating modes: Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Auto ICE and Manual. 

Well-balanced weights guarantee outstanding handling

 The Maserati GranTurismo is a thoroughbred sports car with exciting potential that can be enjoyed in safety, delivering unforgettable thrills. Behind all this is the exceptionally rigid frame and the unusual layout of the wishbone suspension, not to mention the perfect weight distribution: 49% of the weight rests on the front axle and the other 51% on the rear.

The MSP electronic system monitors the car’s stability at every moment

The Maserati Stability Program (MSP) is an advanced electronic system which, in the event of skidding, reduces torque and triggers the brakes to stabilise the car in just a few milliseconds. When the Sport button is pressed, the action of the MSP is toned down to allow a more sporty driving style that doesn’t, however, compromise on safety. The trigger threshold is shifted upward, and the system acts mainly on the brakes without cutting engine power.

Supercar stopping distances with powerful Brembo braking system

The Brembo braking system features four ventilated discs (disc diameter and thickness: 330 mm x 32 mm at the front and 330 mm x 28 mm at the rear respectively). The calipers have four pistons of different diameters with ceramic isolating linings; the 4-channel ABS has electronically controlled braking distribution (EBD) integrated into the exclusive Maserati Stability Program.


Cars designed according to the taste and expertise of their drivers

For the GranTurismo, Maserati offers a personalization program like no other to enable every customer to tailor their car as they see fit. A level of exclusiveness that represents a source of pride for Maserati, a small company capable of dedicating painstaking care and attention to every single car produced, guaranteeing a greater variety of options than its competitors.

Tailor-made interiors

Choice materials are used to furnish the interiors: Poltrona Frau® leather and Alcantara®. A vast selection is available, allowing the creation of a wide range of original customised solutions that combine the 10 leather colours for the seats, dashboard, central console, rear shelf, steering wheel and gear lever knob, with the 14 thread colours of the contrast stitching, including the new Blu Sofisticato, and the 9 carpet colours.

Exclusive decorative features

Further customisation is available in the mouldings of the dashboard, door panels and rear side panels: the standard Dark Chrome, which combines anthracite grey with warm tones, or EcoChrome, a colour which evokes the glow of molten metal, can be replaced with four different choice woods for a warm, elegant interior, or two varnished colours for a more sporty, exclusive look.

Wide choice of equipment

The on-board equipment may be supplemented with other electronic devices available on request, conceived to make driving safer and more comfortable for you, such as the electrochromatic rear-view mirrors, which darken progressively as light intensity increases (as standard for the internal rear-view mirror), or the TPMS, which continually monitors tyre pressure when the car is on the move.

Tech Specs

Size and weight
Length 4881 mm
Width (with side mirrors) 2056 mm
Height 1353 mm
Wheelbase 2942 mm
Curb weight 1880 kg
Boot capacity 260 L
Fuel tank capacity 86 L
Weight distribution 49% front / 51% rear
Turning circle 10.7 m
Displacement 4.2 l
Compression ratio 11.01
Maximum power output 302 kw (405 hp)
RPM at maximum power 7,100 rpm
Maximum torque 460 Nm (47 kgm)
RPM at maximum torque 4,750 rpm
Max engine speed 7,250 rpm
Top speed 285 (km/h)
0-60 mph acceleration 5.2 s
Consumption and emissions
Fuel Consumption (urban cycle) 21.5 l/100 Km
Fuel Consumption (extra urban cycle) 10.00 l/100 km
Fuel Consumption (combined cycle) 14.3 l/100 km
CO2 emissions (combined cycle) 330 (g/km)

Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colors, designs and technical features at any time and without forewarning. Contact your authorized Maserati dealer for further details.